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For a visitor from abroad, the best place for breathing the historical and cultural essence of Istanbul is Sultanahmet and the historical peninsula. Sultanahmet Square which is just a five minutes’ walk from Hotel Poem is a veritable museum of history and architecture bounded by the Blue Mosque on one side and Hagia Sophia on the other. Positioned in such a spot, neither the name nor the concept of Hotel Poem is a coincidence. We wanted to share the feelings of major names in the world of arts who – like our guests — breathed and was affected by the enchanting atmosphere of Istanbul and reflected their impressions in their work, touching on all branches of the arts in the process.

Predominant among artists for whom the rooms were named are men and women of letters. It was not easy to make a choice from among many poets, writers and voyagers who carried the magic of Istanbul into their work – whether it be prose or poetry or a travelogue. Cervantes, Gerard de Nerval, Andre Chenier, Pierre Loti, Edmondo de Amicis, Pushkin, Hemingway, Agatha Christie, Andersen, and Saint-Exupery each became the symbol of a room. Choosing from among masters of music was easier in view of the interest in Istanbul of Franz Liszt and Tchaikovsky – the two colossal names in Classical Music. As for the Cinema, it was possible to make a selection from a somewhat lengthier span of time since this form of Art is rather new. We began with the Lumiere Brothers who were the pioneers of the Cinema, and proceeded to Charlie Chaplin, and then to Audrey Hepburn who is an unforgettable star of the recent past. Pietro Canonica was our inspiration in Sculpture, and Sarah Bernhardt in Theatre.

We also have two special heroes. The first one is a cartoon character. It is certainly exciting to see that path of “Tintin” has crossed Istanbul several times in his adventures that had gripped us all. Similarly, we could not leave out “James Bond” – maybe the most famous movie hero ever – because one of his recent films had been shot here in the historical peninsula.
The pleasure of staying in rooms named after these unforgettable people will make your days in Istanbul doubly meaningful.